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Medical Insurance When Your Child Needs Therapy

Unless a family is aware of potential complications of their baby's health while in utero, most families do not prepare for the emotional and financial circumstances that they will face when their child needs therapy.

Parents want to help their child in any way possible, but the cost of therapy can be more than they can afford.

Following, parents with children in therapy oft...

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Medical Insurance Terminology Explained: HMO/PPO, In/Out-of-Network, Deductibles & Plan Year

Simple explanations with examples of common medical insurance terminology including: HMO vs PPO, In-network vs Out-of-Network, Deductible & Plan Years. 

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New Year. New Medical Deductible. What That Means for Your Family.

Most insurance plan years begin on January 1, which means that your deductible re-starts on January 1. So, if your trips to the pediatrician were covered in December, you might be paying the full amount in January.

Let’s talk more about medical deductibles.

What is a deductible?

A deductible is the amount that you have to pay towards medical services befo...

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Baby Equipment: Necessity or Potentially Harmful

Becoming a parent or grandparent is one of the most joyous experiences in life.  Generous friends and family members shower us with baby gifts. And, we cannot resist the urge to build a perfect nest for our little birds. The result? A baby store in our living rooms.  

While our intentions are great, the equipment that we have aimed at keeping our babies safe, happy and stimulated may actually cause them ...

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