Tummy Time Milestones



In this video an experienced pediatric physical therapist and mother of three will guide you through the tummy time milestones.

WHAT WILL I LEARN? Parents and caregivers often want to know if their baby is meeting tummy time milestones. This is great! If a baby is not on track at a young age, it is helpful for the baby to receive more specific input from a healthcare professional as early intervention typically leads to the best outcomes for the child. 

WHAT DEVELOPMENTAL LEVEL WILL BE COVERED IN THIS VIDEO? From birth through creeping on hands and knees. Therefore, this class is perfect for anyone who is preparing for a baby or who already has a young baby.

HOW IS THE CLASS TAUGHT? The video is a mix of entertaining animations and photographs of babies in tummy down positions.

WHAT IS A HIGHLIGHT? Parents/caregivers enjoy seeing this visual progression of tummy down development from birth onwards in just 3 minutes AND, IT'S FREE!

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Instructor Biography

Dr. Allison Hall, PT, MPT, DPT, Pediatric Physical Therapist

Dr. Allison Hall, PT, MPT, DPT is a pediatric physical therapist and the founder of My Kid Blooms. She is a Cum Laude Graduate of Duke University (Bachelor of Science 1997) and recipient of Master of Physical Therapy (MPT 2000) and a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT 2001) degrees from Northwestern University Medical School Department of Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences. Dr. Hall has a zest for providing evidence-based practice and has been published (under maiden name Gutierrez) in the prestigious journal, Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology. During her 19 years as a pediatric physical therapist and many years as a parent of three young children, she has had the privilege of interacting with countless children and their caregivers. From these interactions and her personal experience as a parent, she has learned about many of the questions that keep parents up at night. Following, she feels fortunate to now have a platform whereby she can offer information and consultation to help support the natural development of our little ones.

When not treating little ones or behind the desk making My Kid Blooms BLOOM, Dr. Hall enjoys traveling with her family, exploring nature by foot, precious time on her yoga mat, gardening, coaching her son's soccer team, and gazing at the beautiful Texas sky.

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Lesson Breakdown

1. Tummy Time Information
2. 1 month old
3. 2 months old
4. 3 months old
5. Does your baby's head tilt?
6. 4 months old
7. 5 months old
8. 6 months old
9. 7-8 months old
10. 9-10 months old
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