About Bloom

How did the bloom seed get planted?

Parenting evokes amazing questions. Sometimes there are answers.

When bloom’s Founder, Dr. Allison Hall, PT, MPT, DPT, was pregnant for the first time over a decade ago, she realized that she had never wanted to do any job better than to be a good mom. She spent countless hours preparing for her baby by reviewing her physical therapy books about development, reading medical journals, blogs/online articles, and toy reviews. She also relished in learning from the experiences and knowledge of her fellow pediatric healthcare professionals and fantastic friends. Dr. Hall also read lots of “parenting and baby care” books and went to many “baby care” classes with her husband. She noted how she and her husband learned well together when they sat side-by-side listening to an expert. While her husband may have asked questions in a class, he was not the type to read parenting books even though he had never held a baby. She wondered how healthcare professionals, such as herself, could conveniently and effectively share information with parents and caregivers who might not be inclined to read books or attend one-off classes in a community center or hospital training room.

Dr. Hall also realized that what was missing from typical “baby care classes” was guidance on what to do with babies while they are awake and ready to play. As a pediatric physical therapist, she knew the importance of play and toy selection on every level of development from gross and fine motor to cognitive and emotional. She also began to see a new generation of children who were experiencing developmental delays and musculoskeletal malformations purely due to over-use of modern toys and baby gear such as bouncers and click-and-carry car seats. She noted the need to promote and foster natural child development.

Herein lies the bloom seed of change. From Dr. Hall’s questions evoked while parenting and providing therapy for children, she came up with the answer of online education for parents/caregivers as delivered by experienced healthcare professionals. Knowledge is empowering. From one parent to another, let’s learn and grow!

What is the purpose of bloom?

To help.
To inspire.
To empower.
The now.
The future.

Bloom has been created with the aim of empowering adults with information that will support a child’s journey of safe and natural development from birth onwards. The information provided is designed to:

  • build relationships between children and those around them,
  • inform parents/caregivers about development and skill acquisition,
  • prevent developmental delay, illness & musculoskeletal deformity,
  • help parents/caregivers create an environment that fosters natural development and stimulates children to move and learn,
  • offer guidelines for what toys and equipment are helpful (or should be avoided) and when babies are ready to use them, and
  • provide direction towards appropriate healthcare providers if a parent has concerns about their child.

How is bloom different from other information I see on the web?

Bloom classes can be considered “continuing education” classes for what many see as their most important job: raising their child.  Bloom classes are provided exclusively by experienced, certified healthcare professionals passionate about sharing their knowledge with parents/caregivers. Each class is based on the course facilitator’s professional experience with young children and families along with the latest applicable research and possibly his/her own experience as a parent. The videos are NOT just bulleted powerpoint presentations that will likely put you to sleep. They are dynamic, concise and filled with pictures and clips that will prove meaningful to your learning. They will also include downloadable handouts for quick reference.

The majority of developmental information presented online and in books is based on a child’s age. Since there are many children who are meeting milestones at their own rate, bloom classes are broken down by a certain topic or developmental level versus age. Therefore, you can choose the classes that match your child’s current stage of development even if they are developing faster or slower than expected. Let’s meet our children where they are and build them up from there!


Who comes to bloom to learn?


Ultimately, bloom was created for the benefit of the children of our world. As adults, it is our job to foster their safe and natural development. Following, bloom online learners include: new, expecting and experienced parents, grandparents/relatives, nannies, healthcare professionals, early interventionists, and childcare workers.