About MKB

How did the My Kid Blooms seed get planted?

Parenting evokes amazing questions. Sometimes there are answers.

When bloom’s founder, Dr. Allison Hall, PT, MPT, DPT, was pregnant over a decade ago, she realized that she had never wanted to do any job better than to be a good mom. She spent countless hours preparing for her baby by reviewing her physical therapy books about development, reading medical journals, blogs/online articles and toy reviews. She also relished in learning from the experiences and knowledge of her fellow pediatric healthcare professionals and fantastic friends.

Dr. Hall also read plenty of parenting books and went to “baby care” classes with her husband. She noted how she and her husband learned well together when they sat side-by-side listening to an expert. While her husband may have asked questions in a class, he was not the type to read parenting books even though he had never held a baby. She wondered how healthcare professionals, such as herself, could conveniently and effectively share information with parents and caregivers so that everyone was on the same page.

And then came along telehealth and the advent of modern digital healthcare. . .

Technology has created the opportunity to solve these issues.

My Kid Blooms allows parents/caregivers to receive digital content from experienced pediatric/OBGYN healthcare providers and virtually connect with the creators of this content.


What is the purpose of My Kid Blooms?

To Create Connections for Growth.

Growth of the child.
Growth of the healthcare provider's practice.


My Kid Blooms aims to empower parents/caregivers with information that will support a child’s journey of safe and natural development from bump to birth and beyond. The parent can start with information and choose to move to a virtual connection with the creator of the digital content. The content will be useful information (not an infomercial) in parent-friendly language.

My Kid Blooms surveyed parents and found that 91% of parents would like to connect with the creators of digital content to ask follow-up questions. 

Telehealth/online appointments are the answer. The safe, secure HIPAA compliant answer.

It is indeed an awesome answer. However, since the founder of My Kid Blooms is a parent and an experienced healthcare provider, she is fully of aware of the challenges of making this transition into modern healthcare for the busy healthcare provider. Sometimes the highly experienced healthcare provider's skillset doesn't match with the sometimes-intimidating techy needs of moving into digital healthcare.

Therefore, My Kid Blooms aims to support the healthcare providers as they remain current and meet the desires of the families that they serve. In order to help the providers join the Ecosystem with ease, we have done the following:

  • had extensive discussions with legal advisors,
  • researched professional Practice Acts in Texas,
  • learned loads about digital content, SEO and social media, and
  • sifted through the multitude of telehealth software options and created Preferred Partnerships with select companies so that the families and the providers have access to an excellent mode of virtual communication.
It's all about connection. Easy connection. 

Who comes to My Kid Blooms to learn & connect?


Ultimately, bloom was created for the benefit of the children of our world. As adults, it is our job to foster their safe and natural growth and development. Following, bloom online learners include anyone who is around children: new, expecting and experienced parents, grandparents/relatives, nannies, healthcare professionals, early interventionists, and childcare workers.