Holiday HealthCARE Package

Dr. Allison Hall, PT, MPT, DPT, Pediatric Physical Therapist, would like to make it easier for you and your young family to move into the New Year with 2020 vision for your happy, healthy, playful home.

She would like to share her 19 years of experiences as a pediatric PT and 14 years as the mother of three kids to help you:

* Buy toys to match your little one's developmental level.
* Organize your home to promote your child's safety, independence & natural growth. No more clutter! Just the good stuff!  

The Holiday HealthCARE Package is designed for families with a child 3 years old or younger or a young child with developmental delays.

It is a 4-step process for creating an environment to support your child’s natural interests and development. Without judgment, your family and Dr. Hall will systematically look at:

  • Your child's developmental level and interests via questionnaire with follow-up questions as needed. 
  • Your home Is it safe for your child? Do you have multiple children? Does your child remain engaged in your home or get bored easily? How would you like to feel in your home? What is your vision? And more!
  • Your current stuff Is your setup and your toy selection working for your family right now? Is it too young, too advanced or just right for your child's current developmental level? Do you have too much, too little or is it just right and just needs a refresh? Let's talk!
  • What new stuff might support your child's development and your happy home. These suggestions will be based on your family's developmental and home questionnaires with the thought that less can be more. Dr. Hall believes in keeping things “clean and natural,” and the recommended toys will be BPA-free at a minimum. Most toys do not require batteries that can overstimulate you child and wake you up at night as they randomly go off. Spooky, isn't it?!

    Why this process?

    Dr. Hall suggests that a family first looks at what you have and if it is working for your family right now. Thereafter you can more clearly decide how you want to move forward.

    She also believes that it is important to look at a child's developmental skills and interests versus searching for toys exclusively based on their chronological age.

    In her many years working with families, she has seen how getting the right environment for a child leads to a happier child who is ready to grow their mind and body. The wrong fit can lead to boredom, mischief, tears and tantrums.

    Also, she has learned from her own experience that maintaining the living space in a way that is not overwhelming for the entire family fosters a happier home for all.

    What exactly do you get?

    • Up to 2 hours of online consultation with Dr. Hall
    • Personalized suggestions for organizing your family’s living space to promote safety, avoid clutter and empower your child to independently access, play and clean up their toys.
    • A specialized list of toys and equipment that matches your child’s current developmental level and supports natural growth.


      • An easier holiday shopping season & a newly organized, happy, healthy, playful home in 2020!
      What is the price of the Holiday HealthCARE Package?

      The total cost of the Holiday HealthCARE package is $399.

      Optional add-ons to the HealthCARE package are:

      • Additional consultation hours: $125/hour
      • Additional toy lists for multiple siblings including screening of developmental level & interests: $199/additional child
      • In-depth physical therapy evaluation with report: $350

      (This is an out-of-pocket service and insurance billing will not be processed.)


      In order to give her clients excellent service, Dr. Hall will be working with no more than 10 families this holiday season. 

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