How to join the MKB Ecosystem of Healthcare Providers

My Kid Blooms is a new concept in creating connections to promote growth.


The growth of the child.
The growth of your practice.


Let's start by explaining a few things about the Ecosystem:

You must be a healthcare professional with an active license/registration in the state that you plan to offer services with your own professional liability insurance.


Healthcare providers will not become My Kid Bloom's employee or independent contractor. This platform is designed to connect you with the families that you are most passionate about helping. You take it from there. The marketing services that MKB performs for you will be delineated in a Marketing Services Agreeement (MSA) in order to clarify the terms of the service that MKB offers you and what you will be offering your clients (e.g. digital content, telehealth services). 


You maintain all autonomy for your services. MKB will not tell you how to price your services or what hours you must work. MKB does NOT take a percentage of your service delivery, either. FREEDOM!!


You must have at least 5 years of clinical experience in Pediatrics/OBGYN. We surveyed parents, and this is what they want at a minimum; and this is what they will find on My Kid Blooms.


This is an opportunity to create better access for all by providing modern digital healthcare. Times have changed. My Kid Blooms believes that virtual healthcare and digital content will need to be part of all healthcare providers continuum of care even if it isn't your only offering. This company is founded by an experienced pediatric physical therapist and mother of three. She fully appreciates that there isn't often time in a clinician's schedule to ramp up on how to make this transition into modern digital healthcare. Don't forget social media and SEO - Wowsers! Never fear! MKB is here to help you with the technical transition so that you can continue to focus on healthcare.

Won't it feel awesome to help a rural family without access to care or a parent who can't drive to appointments?!


We can help you offer digital content as part of your continuum of care. Let's face it. Healthcare reimbursement is not improving, but our patients still have the same issues that we want to help them with. Digital content can be a useful, efficient and cost-effective mode for delivering information and exercises. One provider mentioned videos have the potential for supporting clients during "stop-gaps" when they lose insurance coverage. 

Following, you can package up your videos for sale and make money while you sleep and/or use it for free education and lead generation for potential and existing clients. It's up to you, but you will have to choose for each video. And, if you sell the content on MKB, it needs to be the same price as it is sold elsewhere (e.g. YouTube, your own site). Creating a video of yourself talking about your clinical interests also helps families learn more about your approach to treatment. This should lead to making a great patient-provider fit. 


Parents must be able to self-schedule a secure, HIPAA compliant online visit with you via a link embedded on that will redirect to your privately-maintained site/calendar of your choice. 

Our research found that 78% of parents wanted to self-schedule their appointments online and 63% wanted their healthcare providers to offer telehealth. This was before Coronavirus hit and those numbers are likely now higher. We want to help you meet your client's desires.

Whether you are a seasoned telehealth provider or have no clue where to start, MKB is here to help. We have thoroughly researched a multitude of telehealth software options and have created Preferred Partnerships with select companies that we feel provide an excellent product and customer service so that you and your clients will have a positive experience. The Preferred Partners offer clean, modern, robust systems where your EMR, scheduling, billing and telehealth are all packaged in one integrated system. This should make your life a lot easier, but we will want to know if we have chosen wisely and will ask for your feedback. A bonus to being part of the MKB Ecosystem is that most of the Preferred Partners offer discounts to the MKB Ecosystem! Woot woot! 

If you already use telehealth software that is working for you that's fine as long as a patient can self-schedule through a HIPAA-compliant calendar (e.g. No Calendly or Acuity free plans) and your telehealth connection is also HIPAA compliant (e.g. No Facetime, Gotomeeting, Google Meet (only if the settings have been fine-tuned per HIPAA requirements), Zoom (unless Zoom Healthcare), Skype, WhatsApp). Your scheduling and telehealth software choices must also be willing to sign BAA contracts per legal requirements.

The visit could be anything from a free-exploratory call to an initial evaluation and subsequent treatment at the price of your choice. We just want the parent to be able to book an appointment with you right when they find you. Less paperwork for you, too!


You do NOT need to have a website. The platform is built to where a patient will be able to self-schedule with you by clicking through to your online calendar via your chosen scheduling/telehealth software. Additionally, Premier Plus Ecosystem Members will be able to have their own page so that their clients can see all of their content in one place AND book through their personalized and search engine optimized page. What a money and hassle save for the independent provider!


You MUST have a squeaky clean criminal record. This will be in your MSA contract, and there is no flexibility around it.

Importantly, a kind heart and passion for helping families. 


This is your opportunity to be supported as you move with ease into modern healthcare and market your specialized services.
Whether you work independently, in a small clinic or in a large hospital,
you will create better access for all

one click to connection at a time 


In March 2020, My Kid Blooms will be opening up this opportunity to the following licensed/registered healthcare providers with 5+ years experience in pediatrics/OBGYN:
  • Licensed Physicians in pediatrics/OBGYN and related specialties (e.g. dermatology, ENT, orthopedics, GI)
  • Licensed Therapists: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech & Language Therapy
  • Licensed Mental/Behavioral Healthcare Professionals: Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Social Workers
  • Certified Lactation Consultants (IBLCE or CLC certified)
  • Certified Sleep Specialists (RST) (certified Registered Sleep Technician from ABSM)
  • Registered Dietitians (RD) (Sorry, no health coaches or nutritionists unless CNS or CDR certified/registered)
  • Licensed Pediatric Dentists 
  • Licensed Vision Specialists: Optometrists, Developmental Optometrists, Ophthalmologists

The MKB Ecosystem is open to independent clinicians as well as clinics/hospitals as long as:

1) you are a licensed/registered healthcare provider open to creating useful digital content (written or video) so that a parent can get to know you and your expertise, and

2) you have the ability for a parent to self-schedule a HIPAA-compliant virtual visit with the creator of the digital content (this can be a free exploratory call or a paid session).

If you are interested in learning more about joining the Ecosystem please join the waitlist here.